Monday, January 30, 2012

The AAC Annual Dinner!

For me the idea of dressing up for formal dinners is not always too exciting but I'm really looking forward to the American Alpine Club's annual dinner on March 3rd in Boston!

The AAC supports climbers in so many ways...

- The American Alpine Journal! THE resource for researching expedition travel around the
world and now searchable online! Did you know that as a member you are entitled to one day
of free research at the AAC library?

- GRANTS! Expeditions are expensive. I have been fortunate to receive money through the AAC for two Copp-Dash Inspire Awards.

- Rescue Insurance - The AAC is partnered with Global Rescue to benefit all AAC members.
This past summer My friends Mark Richey and Freddie Wilkinson utilized Global Rescue to
initiate a helicopter evac of their partner Steve Swenson from the base of Saser Kangri II
when he became gravely ill.

This year at the dinner Freddie will be premiering a film about their first ascent of Saser Kangri II. Check out the trailer below!

One of the things I find so amazing about climbing is the blurring of generational gaps. Many of my best climbing partners are nearly old enough to be my parents and many are years younger. This theme is central to Freddie's movie and the theme of this year's dinner. I hope to see many of you there!

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